Keeping It Keto with Co-Founder Jason Dorfman

Jason Dorfman Co-Founder Keto Krisp

Growing up, I was always in shape, fit. Once I hit my thirties, I let myself go. Work took the time I used to spend at the gym. My metabolism slowed, and my diet was poor. By the time I hit 40 I was overweight. Actually, based on my BMI, (31.9), I was classified as being obese. I hadn’t seen a number lower than 200 on my scale in years. I had to make some changes. I needed to change my lifestyle and began researching different diets.

I began dieting… starting new habits is tough for me and I am not very patient. So… if I didn’t see some sort of scale-based results in terms of the pounds coming off… I tended to lapse and quit the diet. I ran through a few different diets, none of them worked for me. It was at this time, that I heard about Keto. I had been aware of the diet but really didn’t understand how it worked. I did some research. It seemed simple... tough... but simple enough and one where I could see big results in a short period of time. Big results, short timeframe - I was down for that, I needed that.   

I’m a snack bar guy- In the past, I would grab a protein or candy bar and eat them in the car while heading to and from the office or at my desk between meetings, etc… I searched everywhere for a Keto friendly bar that tasted good… I tried most everything labeled Keto or Keto-friendly. Nothing tasted good to me. Everything I found fell into two different buckets:  1: Not healthy but tasted great. (Candy) OR 2: Keto-ish but too many net carbs for example.

Adam Bremen and Jason Dorfman Co-Founders Keto Krisp

(Co-Founders, Adam Bremen & Jason Dorfman)

At the same time that I was beginning my Keto journey, my friend Adam Bremen, was beginning his own. He too was  frustrated with the options that were on the market in terms of a tasty, grab and go Keto friendly snack. We were satisfied with meal options, but there wasn’t a snack that we could “reward” ourselves with.  Being in the food and beverage space professionally, we literally said to each other,  "let’s make our own!" So we did, and that's when Keto Krisp was born!

Fast forward to the present... it’s been an amazing journey! The two of us have lost weight, become much healthier, and created our own brand of better for you, keto-friendly snack bars! My partner Adam is a new man, down approximately 45lbs.  I have stuck with the plan and rotated between full and modified-Keto. (Standard Keto / Targeted Keto / Cyclical Keto) I have lost 30 pounds, my waist has shrunk from a 38 to a 33, and my BMI is now 23.5, which is normal for my height.

The journey was tough at times but if you believe in yourself and stay the course, you can do it.  Trust me- if I was able to do it… anyone can! It’s all about determination, and in my mind, “Keeping it Keto!” I hope you enjoy our bars and find that they help you reach your goals.  

Jason Dorfman, Co-Founder 

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  • This is so awesome!! Thanks for making such a fantastic product that is not only keto but tastes dang good!


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