Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)
Keto Krisp Nutritional Facts - Chocolate Mint
Keto Krisp Nutritional Facts - Almond Butter
Keto Krisp Nutritional Facts - Chocolate Raspberry
Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)
Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)
Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)
Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)

Keto Krisp - Keto Bar Variety Protein Pack (6-Pack)

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Chocolate Raspberry / Chocolate Mint / Almond Butter – 6 Pack

If variety is your spice of life, then the Keto Krisp Variety Pack is the winner-takes-all choice you’re looking for. Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Almond Butter – two of each to let you decide in the moment which sensation you’re going to experience:

Almond Butter

Imagine the nuttiest, natural flavor base with an ideal sweet to salt ratio that thoroughly satisfies the palate. Now, let your mouth experience the buttery foundation and tangy sugar overtones that dance across your taste buds as you take another bite. This bar happens to be my favorite because I adore the way it makes my taste buds pop with absolutely no compromise on Keto. It wasn’t easy to make this sweet and savory recipe, but the results are undeniable.

Chocolate Raspberry

A one-two-three punch delivering one of the world’s most classic flavor combinations. First, the cocoa flavor hits you with its comforting sweet umami, then the berries rise up and razzle dazzle your tongue with subtle tartness, and finally, the textured whey crisps crunch delightfully in your teeth. It’s as tasty as your favorite guilty pleasure, but with only 5 net carbs.

Chocolate Mint

I describe our Chocolate Mint as a tiny symphony playing in your mouth. Yes, I’m a little crazy, but I dare you to tell me that you don’t hear the chocolate cello with its cocoa bass tones, the mint violins uplifting your taste buds with a cool breeze, and the whey crisp piano punctuating the velvet density of the bar with a staccato texture. Not to mention – can I get a drumroll? It’s got only 5 net carbs.


We make our bars in small batches right here in California and guarantee that they are Keto-friendly, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, low-sugar, Non-GMO and don’t contain any artificial flavors or colors. They also slip from their wrappers beautifully because of their velvety dense brownie texture, so don’t worry about sticky fingers – except maybe your friends coming over to pilfer one from your pack.