About Us

Adam Bremer, Co-Founder

Hi, my name is Adam Bremen and I am the co-founder of Keto Krisp.
I have cerebral palsy and have used an electric wheelchair my whole life for mobility.  I have always focused on the positives; what I CAN do vs. what I can’t. Despite this, in early 2017 I realized I just wasn’t happy with my weight and how sluggish I was feeling. At that time I weighed 230 pounds, I wasn't exercising, and I didn’t know what to do.

It was right around then that I was introduced to the Keto diet; more importantly, the Keto lifestyle. After being so inspired by the stories and results that I found online, I decided I needed to do something about my situation.  Along with making radical changes to my diet, I introduced 6 days a week of water aerobic exercise. Since then, I have lost 7 inches off my waistline and approximately 45 pounds. It’s the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!
However, a challenge I came across early on was finding something to snack on in-between meals. I searched, but wasn’t satisfied with what I found; nothing tasted good! This is when I realized there was a real need for a GREAT tasting Keto bar and started working on the creation of Keto Krisp: a bar that keeps you in a state of Ketosis and tastes AWESOME! It took some time to find the right ingredient profile that would check all the boxes to keep you in a state of Ketosis – and also appeal to people who do not follow the Keto diet – but we finally did it! 

My goal is to make it easier and enjoyable for everyone to live a healthier lifestyle on-the-go. Keto has changed my life for the better and I am confident it will change yours too!

Adam Bremen 

Our Beliefs

Yep, We’ve all been there!  You pay a premium to purchase a healthy protein bar only to find yourself disappointed because the bar tastes like (Sh#t) … That's exactly why we created Keto Krisp!

Our Keto Krisp protein bar combines unrivaled taste with premium nutritional components to meet the specific needs of NOT ONLY  the Keto lifestyle, but also anyone looking for a delicious, well-balanced, protein fortified bar. Now you don’t have to punish yourself to do right by yourself! When it comes to Keto Krisp, you don’t have to sacrifice great taste when making healthy decisions. 

What makes Keto Krisp bars different is our Krisp! We use premium compacted whey protein isolates to achieve the ultimate krispiness. We blend our Krisps with high grade coconut / nut butters, natural flavors and top of the line MCT oil, making this bar the most permissibly indulgent protein bar offering on the planet.

Give us a try! If you are not fully satisfied, simply send it back. We offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase… no questions asked.