Keto Krisp Brand Ambassador 1

Keto Krisp Brand Ambassador

"It's not about what you can't do, it's about what you CAN do!" - Adam Bremen, Keto Krisp Founder

This application is for those individuals who love Keto Krisp and want to become an even bigger part of the Keto Krisp Community.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to share your love of Keto Krisp with friends, family, and virtually anyone you'd like! In doing so, you will be rewarded with:

- Monthly shipment of Keto Krisp bars (one 12-Pack) 10% Commission on all sales you drive via your unique discount code and/or link

- Keto Krisp Swag (hats, hoodies, etc.

- Exclusive Invites to Keto Krisp Events & More!

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